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yr not good enough for me to even despise.

Oh mang, it's about fucking time a community like this was started. Or maybe there are already, I just never came across them.
Anyway, I can't even begin to explain all the reasons why "emo" hipsters piss me off. It just makes me want to rip my hair out to see so many people straddling the mainstream/independent crossover and completely bastardizing it.
Most of these people wouldn't know DIY or the meaning of counter-culture as opposed to subculture if such concepts bit them in their star tattooed asses.
I hate how a bunch of adolescent middle class whiteboys can wank on some guitars and whine-sing about how sad and oppressed they are, and as a result become talk of the town, or that town's "Scene". People flock to their shows to hear them whine-sing about how their lame asses can't get girlfriends, while their actual girlfriends are working their merchandise tables and can't get anywhere near the stage.
And to echo how the emo scene is merely a repetition of mainstream culture and issues... have you ever seen an all-female emo band?

There are so many other ways the hipsters around here irritate me. How nice to have a place to validate myself a bit (as if I needed it). Cute.
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